On Accepting Guidance: Why I Need Yoga

After a beautiful meditation this morning, I truly feel awakened to the presence of my spirit guide. I have decided to set my intention to be consciously aware of her presence from now on. To feel her by my side, behind me, in front of me, and all around me. She is the one I aspire to be- my highest self. And when, in moments, I am not that person I want to be, she does not judge. She listens and supports me. And continues to guide me through it all. My spirit guide is a reflection of me, walking with grace and infinite beauty. She reflects the beauty that exists within myself that I have lost sight of. The truth is, if it had not been for me discovering yoga, and for yoga discovering me last year, I would not be where I am today. I would not have bee


n ready to make the decision to move to Charlotte, to try new things, meet new people, and be fearless. I thought I was ready then, and I was, but as weeks went by without a consistent place to practice or guide to practice with, things in my life began to fall apart. I have recently found myself in a place of self-judgement and loathing. Thankfully by my own innate will power, I decided I would no longer stand for that. I am still seeking a consistent practice, and I may have found that place. Yesterday morning I attended a class and set my intention to forgive myself. To forgive myself for falling away from yoga. Although I had been practicing almost daily at home, there is just something about a guided practice that is transcendent. To have someone walk me through the steps and provide the framework so I can be free to unleash everything on the mat, including my creativity, my fears, and my doubts, is the practice I am no longer afraid to admit that I need.



I’m sharing this with you all today because I no longer want to feel afraid to admit what I’m feeling. I don’t think we should be, after all; we all experience much of the same as we walk our paths here on this earth. For a minute there I was starting to worry that people would not think I was happy if I finally admitted I’ve been going through a lot of emotional turmoil. I refused to let anyone think that out of stubbornness, maybe some superficiality, to not make anyone worry, and finally, because I am happy. I have been happy. Every day I wake up and intentionally embrace my gratitude, even if it is just for one thing. But, saying it is one thing, truly feeling it with every pulse of energy throughout my body, throughout every day…that’s what I seek. That is why I do yoga.


So where do I go from here? I keep looking forward. I get on the yoga mat or my meditation pillow as often as I can. I accept guidance from my family and friends, and I let my spirit guide walk me through this life. I admit to her my fears and I tell her of my dreams. My spirit guide is my highest form of self. I will walk by her side every day until we become one.

Thank you all, as always, for your endless love and support, and for walking on this earth with me. We are all here together, and if you ever want to reach out to me, please, do not hesitate.

I would like to share this meditation video I found this morning that helped me get to the peaceful state I am at now. It helped me re-connect with my spirit guide, and I’m sure it can help you connect with yours as well. Maybe your guide is a person, alive or in spirit, that you aspire to be. Your role model. Maybe your guide is you!



GUIDED MEDITATION – Clearing Negativity


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