The Sacrifice of Staying Stuck

In recent weeks I’ve really been creating the space and gaining the momentum for some major changes in my life. It’s beginning to hit me just how many sacrifices I’ll be making for a happier life. It can be terrifying. I could totally fall on my face. So I think back to little moments like this, where I had no idea if I would be able to stand on my head on this glass plate on an uneven ground of wood chips. But I took a deep breathe, focused, did everything I knew to do, and up I went! 🦋 Focusing on these little wins..on these baby steps if you will..can allow us to not become too overwhelmed or anxious about our big goals!

There may come a point in your life where the sacrifice of staying where you are is bigger than the one you make to move forward. And when that time comes, trust yourself. Trust the process. Try to enjoy the process, in all its scariness, excitement, and newness, because each moment that comes and passes, will never come back again. Keep your focus narrow and take one step at a time. Breathe. And know that you’re going to be OK. And whether or not you can stand on your head, a shift in perspective may be all you need. Maybe then, we can define sacrifice as a path that leads to change, joy, growth, and fulfillment. Whatever you do, don’t stay stuck where you’re unhappy. Your sacrifices are waiting for you, and once you face them you may find they’re really not all that scary.


Love and light 💛 ,


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