Hi! My name is Katelyn.

I am a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, adventure enthusiast, writer, daughter, sister, and friend.


Since starting my yoga journey in 2014, I have spent the past few years practicing various types of yoga and focusing on self growth and love. Throughout that time I have sought to inspire and encourage others to begin their journey, by openly sharing my findings and thoughts on yoga and life through means of blogging and Social Media posts. My passion, curiosity, and appreciation for yoga grows stronger daily, as I continue to learn and understand why yoga is so effective as a practice, both on the mat and in each moment of our day-to-day lives.

These past few years of dedicated focus to this practice has, for me, led to new levels of healing, empowerment, inspiration, strength, knowledge, love, and joy. By making intention-setting a priority for my personal practice, I continually learn something new each time I arrive at my mat, and strive to take that lesson with me everywhere I go. I find inspiration in the fact that a single posture or a few deep breaths, ultimately means and leads to something bigger; that is to say, by doing those practices repeatedly, we can alter the way we think and feel over time. That being said, my primary focus for my students is to make yoga accessible and practical. After years of doing this practice to heal myself, now as a registered yoga teacher, I am ready to turn my focus to you. Whatever your curiosity, reason, or goals for this practice, I am excited to encourage you on your personal journey!